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Give our hungry neighbors a happy Thanksgiving

Let’s feed our neighbors a great Thanksgiving meal!

Admittedly, the current hot and humid weather makes Thanksgiving seem a long way off - but it’s only 64 days out.

We’re planning a special two-week stocking strategy to ensure our neighbors are guaranteed everything they need to have a Thanksgiving dinner that feeds their bellies and their hearts. Not only do we want them to be able to sit down around their table with a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but we also want to let them know their neighbors care deeply about them and they are not forgotten.

Beginning on November 7, we will be stocking the pantries continuously with everything needed for a Thanksgiving meal. This is going to take a lot of support. With our newest pantry location emptying out every 12 to 24 hours, we are estimating a need of $3,000 to ensure both pantries are filled up every day with food. In addition, we’ll be providing grocery store gift cards for perishables such as turkey and pie.

Are you able to help give our neighbors a great Thanksgiving?

1. Drop off Thanksgiving staples at our 52nd and Central location anytime between now and November 3. We will stock both pantries from these special donations.

2. Donate funds to @centralgeneralstore through Venmo. Consider sponsoring a full day’s stock of one pantry, which costs $83. Of course, any amount helps us reach our big goal!

For our Thanksgiving drive, we are looking for:

-boxed and bagged stuffing mix

-canned yams and sweet potatoes


-instant mashed potatoes

-canned/evaporated milk (including coconut milk)

-canned gravy

-canned cranberry sauce

-canned green beans and corn

-canned greens

-cornbread/biscuit mix

-boxed cookie and brownie mix

-seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic and onion salt, hot sauce)

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